About OTSP

What is the power of one book? Can it do more than enlighten and entertain individual readers? Can it impact the heart and soul of a community, help us to open new lines of communication and lay the groundwork for a stronger and better Forsyth County? We believe that the On the Same Page community read project, has potential to do just that. On the Same Page seeks to broaden appreciation of literature through the shared experience of reading and discussing a single work of literature. It offers us a unique opportunity to see things from a different perspective, one that will only expand our understanding of the world around us.

A Welcome from Sylvia Sprinkle-Hamlin, director of the Forsyth County Public Library

“Every day comes eventually. It’s up to us how fast we want it to get here.” ~ Jacquerie Bodin, The Road to Devotion

Forsyth County Public Library Director Sylvia Sprinkle-Hamlin

This fall, On the Same Page, Forsyth County Public Library’s community reading project, celebrates our tenth year. So it is exciting at this first milestone of our project, to turn to our own history and reflect with local author Cameron Kent by sharing The Road to Devotion. He is a well-known as a news anchor with WXII12 but has also authored two previous books: Make Me Disappear and When the Ravens Die. We will kickoff this year’s event at the BOOKMARKS Festival in Downtown Winston-Salem on September 10th, so come celebrate books and authors, and stop by the library’s booth to learn more about The Road to Devotion and our programs. Our finale event, held at the Community Arts Café on October 16th, features the music of the 1860s and will be an inspiring, uplifting celebration for the entire community!

This story is set in the small city of Winston in 1860 with North Carolina on the verge of Civil War. After the sudden death of her father, Sarah Talton is determined to run her family’s farm on her own including the management of slaves. When escaped slave Jacquerie Bodin, battered and captured by bounty hunters, comes into Sarah’s ownership, the two women form an unlikely yet intimate dependence, then friendship. Their relationship forces Sarah into a reassessment of the morality of slavery and her own role in her society that changes the course of both women’s lives.

Check out a copy of The Road to Devotion, and join in the conversation with your friends and neighbors. Literature is a carriage that takes us to other times and places so we can see through someone else’s eyes and grow through someone else’s heart and history. This year, we go back together to Winston in 1860, On the Same Page.

In 2010, On The Same Page celebrated with the classic mystery Dashiell Hammett’s The Maltese Falcon.

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